Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Year of the Sweater

Although only 2 months into 2009, i have already collected almost 10 amazing cashmere sweaters from thrift shops.
My mom, a thrift shop queen, recently said, "its as though the sweaters fall off of the hangers into my hands."
Growing up the daughter of hippies, i have learned to be a 'thrift store groupie'.
Thrift stores are the way to go, and the key to finding amazing pieces is patience. 
Thrift shops are the key to expression, you can find amazing pieces that you can put together to be an amazing expressive ensemble. 
Now i'm not saying i only shop at thrift shops, don't get me wrong i love them high class designers, be it that i have a style slave as a sister, but with my almost weekly allowance of about $12, i can't afford to take after the advertisements. 
So think, originality, think thrifty, and you can make sure that your piece will be your creation.